Having a new home built from the ground up is a more involved process than simply buying a home. You can customize the home for your preferences and needs. Many people assume that brand new homes are flawless because there is no wear and tear. However, mistakes can be made during construction. It is always a good idea to request a home inspection on new construction.

Building a New Home has Many Moving Parts

During new construction, the general contractor hires out multiple subcontractors with their own set of employees to complete various aspects of the house. It’s not always possible for the GC to oversee all the work going on, and it is possible for a component to get installed incorrectly or for some defective materials to be used. The purpose of a home inspection on new construction is to catch problems before you move into the home.

Home Inspection on New Construction in Phases

Home inspections on new construction are most effective when they are completed in phases. This way, components can be inspected before they are covered up by other materials. For instance, before the drywall is installed, have the inspector come in to look at the wiring and plumbing.

Make Sure Your New Home is Safe

Certain mistakes made during construction could render the home unsafe to live in. An improperly installed electrical system is a fire hazard and plumbing or roof leaks can cause mold. A home inspection on new construction improves the safety of your home by detailing any problems that should be fixed by the builder before move-in.

Save Money on Needed Repairs with a Home Inspection on New Construction

Your builder is responsible for providing you with a safe new home that is in pristine condition. When issues are discovered by a home inspector throughout the building process, the builder will address them. If you don’t know about the problems before moving into your home and then let your builder’s warranty expire, you’ll pay for the repairs even though they were related to the initial construction.

Know the Condition When it Comes Time to Sell

Anyone selling a house wants it to go smoothly. If there are unknown deficiencies that lead back to the original construction, they will be detailed in the buyer’s inspection when you decide to sell the home. Avoid this scenario by having a new construction inspection and asking the builder to fix issues before you move in.

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