Springtime brings warmer weather and more time outdoors. Many people tackle spring cleaning tasks to get a fresh start with a new season. It’s also a great time to complete outdoor home maintenance projects ahead of hot summer weather.

Home Maintenance: Inspect Your Roofing

Many regions experience harsh winter weather, varying from cold temperatures to snow, wind, and freezing rain. Your roof can sustain damage from the elements or from tree branches that land on the roofing.

Spring’s mild temperatures make it a good time to inspect your roof shingles or tiles and the flashing around chimneys and vents. Replace shingles that are missing or damaged and remove limbs and debris from your roof.

Gutter Cleaning

Although many people clean out the gutters during the fall, it’s important to check the guttering again as the weather warms up. Spring rain showers will cause problems with your roof and your landscaping if the gutters are clogged.

Remove leaves and debris so that water can flow freely through the guttering channels. Inspect the gutters to make sure they are in good condition with no signs of rust. They should be securely attached to your home with the downspouts directing water away from the foundation.

Spring Home Maintenance Landscaping

Trim bushes, shrubs, and trees away from your home’s siding, nearby power lines, and your HVAC unit. Get ready for summertime lawn mowing by having your mower serviced to make sure it’s in good working order. Gather tools that you’ll need to keep the yard and landscaping neat. Prune bushes to discourage rodent and wood-destroying insect activity. Add mulch to flower beds and mulch around young trees to protect their roots as they grow.

Deck Upkeep

With warmer weather, you’ll be spending more time outside on the deck relaxing in the sun or cooking burgers on the grill. Take the time to inspect the decking boards and supports. If any wood is damaged, replace it to reinforce the structure. Use a pressure washer to clean the deck of stains and mold or mildew. Sand the surface and apply a decking stain or weather-proofing product. You’ll boost the aesthetic of the deck and help it to last longer.

Spring projects help you achieve a tidy and well-maintained home that’s attractive and comfortable for your family and guests. Take pride in your property and keep it in good shape with these maintenance tasks.

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