If you have a swimming pool at home, you’ll likely spend time enjoying it all summer long. For your peace of mind, follow these five tips for swimming pool safety to reduce the risk of accidents.

1. Keep Your Pool Secured

You never want to risk neighbors, guests, or children falling into your pool. A fence enclosing your pool or yard is the first step to pool safety. As a rule of thumb, the fence should be a minimum of four feet tall. If your pool is above-ground, make sure children can’t climb up the sides. If your pool is in-ground, it is especially important that your fence is high with a locked gate.

No one should have access to the pool area unless you or another adult is present. Install an alarm on your pool with a sensor that sounds when someone enters the pool unsupervised. Remove and securely store the ladders from above-ground pools when the pool is not in use.

2. Keep a Supply of Life Preservers for Pool Safety

Always ask guests to come prepared with life preservers if they are not strong swimmers or they are bringing small children to your pool. As an added measure of swimming pool safety, keep extra life preservers on hand. If you have children, sign them up for swimming lessons. Everyone in your household should know how to swim.

3. Never Leave Your Pool Unattended While in Use

When you are going to have guests in your pool, especially children, make sure an adult is always present and in charge of monitoring the pool. If you are alone with a child and need to go inside the house, bring the child with you.

4. Make Sure Everyone Knows Your Pool Rules

You are responsible for swimming pool safety on your property. Express your rules clearly to anyone who enjoys your pool. No one should have access to your pool without permission. Don’t allow running or horseplay around your pool. Adults should always supervise children and secure the pool area when closing up for the day.

5. Take a CPR Class

Your swimming pool safety measures will help to keep everyone safe during the summer. However, you can’t predict when accidents or a health crisis may occur. Be prepared. Take CPR courses so you know what to do if someone has a life-threatening incident by your pool. Always make sure you have access to a phone when you’re by the pool should you need to call 911.

Pool Safety is a Top Priority

Swimming pool safety should be at the top of the list for anyone who owns a pool. Whether it is a new installation or you have had a pool for years, it’s always important to practice pool safety.

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