The use of drones in home inspections has become more popular in recent years due to the benefits drones offer for roof assessments, a component that sometimes presents challenges to inspectors.

Inspectors will assess the roof to determine its condition and gather data for the rest of the home. For example, the roof may have storm damage or leaks that aren’t visible from the ground. This can be difficult when the roof is hard to access. A roof may not be safe to walk on, which prevents a complete roof inspection.

A drone allows an inspector to thoroughly examine a roof, even when it isn’t safe. Choose a home inspector who uses a drone for a more thorough inspection.

Gain Access to Inaccessible Areas with Drones in Home Inspections

With a drone, the inspector can easily access areas that would otherwise be too dangerous. He or she can take photos, measurements, and short videos. You’ll get a more complete and thorough inspection report than if the inspector were limited to climbing on the roof and taking photos manually.

If a portion of the roof can’t be inspected, you might need to schedule a second inspection with another company that can inspect it with special equipment. This will slow the whole process down, which is inconvenient for both you and the seller. It also may be difficult to fit another inspection into your due diligence period. Avoid this problem altogether by hiring a home inspector with a drone.

Aerial Photos

If the property you are buying has acreage and outbuildings, drone inspections are especially useful. The inspector can take aerial photos for your inspection report so that you can see the trees on the property, water features, sheds, and more. You’ll also get a better idea of the proximity of other homes in the area.

Finally, drones in home inspections are a great marketing tool if you are selling your home. If you want to make the home that you’re selling look great online, take some bird’s eye shots of the entire property. They will make your property stand out among the others.

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