Most every homeowner has a story to tell about the homebuying process. Buying a house can be challenging, and the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to order a home inspection. Here are four of the top reasons why homebuyers need a home inspection before they close the deal.

Homebuyers Need a Home Inspection to Know What They’re Getting

If you’re a bargain hunter or you’re handy with tools, you may be open to buying a fixer-upper. Either way, you’ll need to know if the house requires immediate repairs, and if so, to what extent. Even if you plan on completing the repairs yourself, a professional inspection will detail any issues so that you know what to expect.

Get the Sellers to Pitch In

Most purchase contracts note that homebuyers need a home inspection within the first couple weeks of the contract. This is because your inspection results are a valuable negotiation tool when buying a house.

If your inspection comes back with problems, this is your chance to have your agent ask for concessions or repairs from the seller before the damage becomes your problem. Also, some repairs may be required by your lender before they will move forward with the sale.

Homebuyers Need a Home Inspection to Identify Problems

When you first looked at the house, you may not have seen any major plumbing leaks or holes in the roof, but that doesn’t mean you got the whole story. A trained home inspector brings special skills and tools and will inspect all visible aspects of the home to give you a full report of the home’s true condition.

They may also alert you to unseen dangers like radon, hail damage to the shingles, or other things that you would never spot on your own.


Just because a house has some flaws does not necessarily mean that the deal’s off. A detailed inspection report can be a useful tool for budgeting if you decide to go ahead with the purchase.

If you know that the HVAC or water heater is aging, you can plan ahead by setting aside money to have them replaced when the time comes. You can also budget for other minor repairs that don’t need to be addressed right away. This gives you more control over the buying process.

Ultimately, all homebuyers need a home inspection in order to have confidence in their purchase. Skipping the inspection opens you up to risks and unknown future costs.

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