Selling your home can feel overwhelming. You hope for a quick and easy sale. To make the house stand out from other listings, make sure it is appealing to potential buyers. A pre-listing inspection provides a path to a successful and profitable real estate transaction.

Why Order a Pre-Listing Inspection?

Whether you have lived in your home for many years or only a short time, it’s important to understand the condition of the property you are selling. During a home inspection, a trained professional will examine the house through unbiased eyes. They will provide a report detailing any problems or concerns found with the property. The information in the inspection report will help you better prepare for the sale.

Identify Problems

A pre-listing inspection locates problem areas in your home. The evaluation identifies concerns that may prevent a fast or profitable sale. Ideally, you want the best return on your investment, so eliminating issues will help you get the most for your home.

Plan for Repairs with a Pre-Listing Inspection

Homeowners usually set aside a budget to make repairs before putting the home on the market. A pre-listing home inspection will help you decide where to spend your home improvement budget. Making smart decisions about repairs and upgrades will help you sell the house quickly and for a better price.

Make the Home More Appealing

A pre-listing inspection shows areas that need to be repaired. Your property will stand out in a buyer’s market when you make repairs before listing. Having a move-in-ready home makes your property more appealing than comparable homes that need updates and improvements.

Strengthen Your Negotiating Position

Knowing what issues your home has will allow you to plan your selling strategy. You can decide to make repairs or choose to put that responsibility on the buyer. Lowering the asking price gives the buyer the financial ability to handle the updates after closing.

Being transparent with the buyer about issues and concerns gives you an advantage at the negotiating table. There will be no surprises after the buyer’s inspection since you will be prepared for the findings in the report.

Gain the Buyer’s Trust with a Pre-Listing Inspection

When buyers make their initial offer, they have no way of knowing what issues a home may have. They are making an offer based on what they think the house is worth. If the buyer knew beforehand that the home needed a new roof, they would have put in a lower offer to allow for that future cost.

When you share your pre-listing inspection, a buyer will have confidence in their bid. They know the details of the property and are more likely to make a fair offer. Some buyers may even forgo ordering their own home inspection, speeding up the sales process.

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